Here you will find answers to questions on the subject of IP rights. Please inform yourself about your options as an inventor of a Lower Saxony university/research institute and learn basics about the process of our work.

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How do you recognize an invention?

Does the declaration of an invention put my planned publication at risk?

When is an invention a free invention?

When is a professor a free inventor?

How are inventions within our network of universities and research institutions handled?

How should the inventor prepare for first a meeting?

Should an inventor complete the invention disclosure form („Erfindungsmeldung“) first and then contact MBM ScienceBridge GmbH?

Where can I get the invention disclosure form (“Erfindungmeldung”)?

How long does it take to apply for a patent?

Does the inventor have to observe special deadlines? Should an inventor act quickly?

Can an inventor publish the invention prior to a patent application or can he present it at a conference?

Does a publication of a Ph. D. thesis damage a patent application?

Can an inventor confidentially inform potential industry partners about the invention?

What are the financial benefits for inventors?

What are the costs of patenting?

What costs arise for the inventor if the employer files a patent application for the service invention and commercializes it?

What are the financial benefits for inventors?

Does the inventor receive a share from commercialization revenues even if he leaves the university?

What are the steps of a German patent application?

What are the steps of an international patent application (PCT application)?

What are the differences between a patent and a utility model?

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