New antibiotics that are degradable in the environment

Today, a wide range of pharmaceuticals can be found in waste waters, surface waters, groundwater and also drinking water. Particularly critical are antibiotics as accumulation promotes the development of resistance. Scientists at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg developed new and environmentally degradable antibiotics.

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New class of reagents for Alkynylation and Cyanation

Alkynes have a great importance in complex chemical synthesis. Currently used reagents for alkynylation are often highly explosive and do not allow for intramolecular site specific alkynylation. Scientists from the University of Göttingen succeeded to develop save, selective and efficient reagents for alkynylation.

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Re-Programmable, biodegradable polymeric material made from renewable resources

Scientists at the university of Göttingen developed a material which can be easily transformed into many different stable 3D shapes multiple times. It is is completely based on renewable resources will be degraded in the envirnoment, can be easily recycled and even re-used in other applications.

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