How are inventions within our network of universities and research institutions handled?

How are inventions within our network of universities and research institutions handled?

The contact persons for invention disclosure forms („Erfindungsmeldungen“) are the patent managers of MBM ScienceBridge GmbH.

Please send your filled out invention disclosure form, preferably after prior consultation with the MBM Science Bridge GmbH, to your university/research institution. Inventors of the Georg-August-University should send their invention disclosure form directly to MBM Science Bridge GmbH. For details, please refer to the terms in the invention disclosure forms of your university/research institutions. After MBM ScienceBridge GmbH receives your invention disclosure, we check if it is complete. We then evaluate areas of application and possibilities of commercial exploitation for the invention. After assessing market potentials we also evaluate if the invention is really new and inventive and how likely it will result in a granted patent. Based on these results the university/research institution will decide if it claims the invention.

After claiming the invention a patent attorney will be instructed with the preparation of the patent application. For this your help is required, since you contribute the technical and scientific know-how. We will discuss the draft of the patent application with you, so that all scientific, commercial and legal aspects are covered in the final patent text. The patent attorney will then submit the patent application to the relevant patent office and will also monitor deadlines for an expansion of the patent to other countries.

In parallel, we work together with you in order to create material that can be used to contact companies. After conclusion of non disclosure agreements we will present more detailed information to interested companies and potentially facilitate a license agreement.

If your university/research institution is not interested in a patent application it will release the invention. In this case you are free to apply for a patent for this free invention at your own expense.

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