How should the inventor prepare for first a meeting?

How should the inventor prepare for first a meeting?

  • Have you ever written down your idea or invention? If yes, please bring this description (1-2 pages) and any existing drawings, as well as any test results or data supporting your invention.
    If not, try to write it down. It helps you to explain your idea. Please remember that you are the expert of your invention and that you are the only one who is able to describe it in its full extent.
  • Have you ever published your idea or a talked about it? If yes, please show us these documents.
  • Think about how (technically) mature your idea or invention is. Which development steps need still to be done? Do you need outside help for completion?
  • Have you developed the idea or invention together with other people? Who is involved and what is their inventive share? Is your department head informed?
  • Have you developed the idea or invention within a project sponsored by third-parties? If yes, please provide us with a copy of relevant contractual agreements.
  • Have you ever talked about your idea or invention to a company or any other study group? How sure are you, that other people did not pick up your idea? If relevant, please provide us with copies of closed non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements.
  • Which companies might be interested in your invention? Do you already have any contacts which we can use?

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