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Dr. Maria Kamper

Dr. Maria Kamper received her Master of Science at technical University Dresden  in cooperation with Bernhard-Nocht institute for tropical medicine  in the field of malaria research.
In 2017 she achieved her PhD at the Max-Planck-Institute for biophysical chemistry in Göttingen. The work was done in the interdisciplinary environment of  the departments of Structure and Dynamics of Mitochondria (Prof. Jakobs  and 
NanoBiophotonics (Prof. Hell). During her PhD she was concentrated on the directed evolution and characterization of bacteriophytochromes for deep-red, high resolution microscopy. Throughout her time at the institute she gained a lot of experience in several technical and biological topics especially optics.
Subsequently Dr. Kamper worked for Beckman Coulter Life Sciences  as an application specialist for flow cytometers. This time was instructive in terms of technical aspects and various applications.
Before she started to work for MBM ScienceBridge Dr. Kamper worked at the university medicine Göttingen in INDIGHO-Lab 
for individual genome diagnostic for hematology and oncology.
For MBM ScienceBridge GmbH, Dr. Kamper works as patent manager in the field oftechnology.
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