With the PLASMA-ROLLER you can clean of micro-organisms of surfaces and/or you can prepare the surface for coating, painting or other surface refinement. State of the art of plasma treatment are plasma-jets or big and complex equipments are necessary. You can handle the PLASMA-ROLLER like a paint roller without any focus to a nozzle separation.


Plasma treatment for surfaces are usual for industrial manufacturing. But this equipments are very big and fixed installed. Nowadays there are small plasma devices like plasma jets on the market, this devices are for very small areas. There is missing a mobile device for plasma treatment for planar surfaces with a hand-held design, to disinfect or prepare surfaces for coating, for example walls or furniture.

(source: Christian Viöl)

Our Solution

The PLASMA-ROLLER has a hand hold an a roll like a paint roller. For the treatment of a surface the PLASMA-ROLLER has to be moved a couple of times over the surface to get a uniform treatment. The plasma are induced between the roll and the treated surface and achieve a good effectiveness. The PLASMA-ROLLER has a usual storage battery and is able to be deployed in specific areas.  

By a proof of concept could be shown the basic functions. The prototype are a roll of copper coated by a ceramic surface. The plasma treatment are tested on several conductive materials. On a treatment speed of 1 cm/s could be shown a reduction of 90% of micro-organisms on the treated surface.

(source: Christian Viöl)


  • hand-held
  • storage batteries
  • easy to handle
  • no bacterial resistance
  • no aggressive chemicals
  • absolutely reliable
  • multi-applicable
  • affordable for everybody


Plasma is a very good killer of micro-organisms and for this useful for disinfection of surfaces, for example walls, floors or furniture. A second application area is to prepare surfaces like walls, floors or furniture for painting or coating without using solvents or primer and anyway rising the adhesion of the coating.

Developmental Status

A second prototype is in the pipeline. This new prototype will have a different construction of the roll, so that also non-conductive materials could be treated.  We expect a higher treatment speed and by reason of the increase in efficiency better results in disinfection.

Patent Status

A European patent application has been granted and subsequently validated in Germany, Great Britain and France (EP2839721B1, Patent holder: HAWK - University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hildesheim/Holzminden/Göttingen, Germany).


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