Antibodies for Licensing

Scientists at the Georg-August-University Göttingen generated many different monoclonal antibodies. We are looking for companies, who are interested in licensing these antibodies for selling them to industrial and scientific institutions or for developing advanced diagnostic tests and therapeutic solutions.
This unique collection comprises the listed clones:

Overview available clones for licensing page 1

Complementfactor B / Ba P21/15 mouse human IgG2a/k WB,E,IP 1-3
  M20/6 mouse human IgG1/k WB,E,IP 1-4
  D22/3 mouse human IgG2b/k WB,F,E 2-4
Complementfactor B / Bb M13/12 mouse human IgG1/k WB,E,IP 1-3
Complementfactor D D10/4 mouse human IgG2a/k WB,E 1-3; 5
  I8/1 mouse human IgG1/k WB,E 1-3; 5
Complementfactor H C18/3 mouse human IgG1/k WB,E 1-3
  L20/3 mouse human Ig1/k WB,E 1-3
Complementfactor H (402-His variant) 23F8 mouse hunman lgG1/k IB, ELISA not yet published
Complementfactor H (402-Tyr variant) 1H10 mouse human lgG1/k IB, ELISA not yet published
Activated C3 (iC3b/C3dg) I3/15 mouse human Ig1/k WB,E 1-3; 6; 7
C3a/C3a(desArg)/C3 K13/16 mouse human IgG1/k WB,E,IP,FN 2; 3; 8-16
  D17/1 mouse human IgG1/k WB,E 2; 3; 8; 10; 14-16
C5a/C5a(desArg)/C5 C17/5 mouse human IgG1/k WB,E 2; 3; 8; 10: 14-16; 19
  G25/2 mouse human IgG1/k WB,E 2; 3; 8; 10: 14-16; 19

Overview available clones for licensing page 2

C3a/C3a(desArg) Z22/8 mouse porcine IgG2b/k WB,E,IP,FN 3; 17;18
  K5/9 mouse porcine IgG1/k WB, E,FN 3; 17;18
C5a/C5a (desArg) T13/9 mouse porcine IgG1/k WB,E,IP,FN 3; 17;18
Complementreceptor C5aR (CD88) P12/1 mouse human IgG1/k WB, F, IH 20
  S5/1 mouse human IgG2a/k WB, F, E, FN, IP, blocking 20
  W17/1 mouse human IgG1/k F,E 20
  R63 mouse rat IgG1/k F,IH 21
Phospho-C5aR/CD88 (Ser-334) 32G-1 mouse human lgG1/k WB, IF, E20 42
Chemokine receptor CCR5 R22/7 mouse human   IF, FC, WB 22
  T21/8 mouse human  IgG2a/k IF, FC, WB, IP, E 22
Phospho CCR5 (Ser-349) E11/19 mouse human   IF, WB, E 22
Phospho CCR5 (Ser-337) V14/2 mouse human   I, WB, E 22
Nonphospho-CCR5 (Ser 337) RC-10 mouse human   IF, WB, E 22
  R22/7 mouse human   IF, FC,WB 22
Chemokine receptor CCR7 4B12 rat mouse IgG2a IP, F 23; 24
Complementreceptor C3aR hC3aRZ8 (clone17) mouse human IgG2b F, IH 25; 26
  hC3aRZ3 (clone76) mouse human IgG2b FI 27;28

Overview available clones for licensing page 3

  74 mouse rat   F, IH 29
  IG4 rat mouse IgG1/k F, IH 26
  14D4 rat mouse IgG2a F, IH 26
Complementreceptor C5aR 20/70 rat mouse IgG2b F, Blocking 30;31;32
  10/92 rat mouse IgG2a F, IH 31
  8D6 rat human IgG2a F, IH, Blocking not yet published
  15C4 rat human IgG2a F, IH, Blocking not yet publishhed
Beta-arrestin1 and Beta-arrestin2 25G10 mouse human, rat,hamster beta-arrestin1 IgG1/k WB, IP not yet published
  21B1 mouse human, rat, hamster beta-arrestin1 and beta-arrestin2 Ig1/k WB, IP 44
Chemokine receptor CCR9 9B1 rat mouse IgG2a/k F 33
Interleukin 8 SE2 mouse human IgG2b/k F, WB, IH 34
  HC2 mouse human IgG1/k F, WB IH 34
Complementfactor H IH10 mouse human IgG1/k IB, ELISA not yet published
  23F8 mouse human IgG1/k IB, ELISA not yet published
Beta2-adrenergic receptor 13D6 mouse human IgG1/k IB, IP, IF, F not yet published
  R11E1 mouse human IgG1/k IB, IP, IF, F 43

Overview available clones for licensing page 4

Name Clones Host Reactivity Isotype Application References
PIWIL2 87/3 mouse human lgM IH, ELISA not yet published
Pox Viruses BCoV1/1 mouse bovine coronavirus; human coronavirus lgG1 E; IF; VN 35
  FPXV-8F3 mouse Fowlpoxvirus, Turkeypoxvirus IgG3/k E, IF, IB, IP, IGEM, NVN 36
  FPXV-3D9 mouse Fowlpoxvirus, Turkeypoxvirus IgG1 E, IF, IB, IP, IGEM, NVN 36;37
  VACV-5B4 mouse All orthopoxviruses without ectomelia and monkeypox IgG2a E, IF, IB, IP, F, IGEM, VN 38;39;40
  VACV-5C7 mouse Monkeypoyvirus and other orthopoxviruses IgG1 E, IF, IB, IP, IGEM, NVN 39
  PPV-4D9 mouse All Parapoxviruses IgM E, IF, IB, IP, F, IGEM, VN 41
  CNPV-5A11 mouse Canarypox virus IgG2a/k E, IF, IB, IP, IGEM, NVN 37
  VACV-5B1 mouse All orthopoxviruses IgG2a E, IF, IB, IP, F, IGEM, NVN 39
AP-Tag / Avitag EF10 mouse human IgG1/k E, IF, F, FN 45
Synthaxin 1a stx1a-Nb2_K81 alpaca rat heavy chain IgG IF, IB, E in preparation
SNAP25 S25-G1-D10 alpaca rat heavy chain IgG IF, IB, E in preparation

E: ELISA; IF: Immunofluorescence; IB: Immunoblotting; IP: Immunoprecipitation; IGEM: Immunogold electron microscopy; IH: Immunohistochemistry; F: Flow cytometry; FN: Functional studies; NVN: not virus neutralizing; VN: virus neutralizing; WB: Western blotting

Reference List for monoclonal antibodies mAB

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