New Genetic Test for Shar-Pei Autoinflammatory Disease (SPAID)

SPAID is a spontaneously occurring autoinflammatory disease in Shar-Pei dogs. It is characterized by recurrent signs of inflammation like fever, swollen joints, reddened skin, ear problems, arthritis. SPAID can even lead to amyloidosis and kidney failure. The dogs with SPAID may experience one or more of these problems.


SPAID is a severe genetic disease in Shar-Pei which cannot be cured and results in serious and persistent signs in affected dogs. Without the knowledge of the pathomechanism of the autoinflammatory process, therapeutic options cannot be developed.
The previously offered genetic testing method for an SPAID-associated mutation is a complex and expensive procedure and does not provide a functional explanation for disease development.

Our Solution

Scientists at the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover developed a new genetic test for a functional mutation which triggers SPAID in Shar-Pei dogs. Variant detection is performed using a cost-effective detection method and thereby provides an efficient tool for breeders to do genetic testing for SPAID in their dogs to enable targeted breeding decisions.

Source: J. Metzger


  • Identification of a new genetic test responsible for SPAID.
  • Genetic variant can be detected using simple and inexpensive method.
  • Dogs can be tested at any age.
  • Confidence and assurance for dog breeders for targeted breeding decisions.


Genetic test for SPAID predisposition in Shar-Pei (diagnostics).

Developmental Status

The genetic test has been successfully tested and validated for Shar-Pei EDTA-stabilized blood samples.

Patent Status

EP Patent (EP3321374B1) validated in DE, FR, GB, NL. Patent holder: University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Foundation, Germany.



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